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کارگاه تخصصی "آیروالاستیک توربین های بادی" - خانم دکتر جسیکا هولرهوک

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خانم دکتر جسیکا هولرهوک

Wind Turbine Aeroelasticity

آیروالاستیک توربین های بادی


درباره ایشان: Dr. Jessica Holierhoek


Dr. Jessica Holierhoek is graduated (bachelor, master and PhD) from Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Aerospace engineering. She first held a research and teaching position at this university. In 2007 she started her new position as project coordinator, project leader and researcher at the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), applying over a decade of experience in aeroelasticity of wind turbines. Dr. Jessica Holierhoek founded JEHO BV, in 2015 as a young company. Theircurrent focus is on providing services in the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity. Training on the subject as well as extensive analysis of wind turbine designs are their main activities. This workshop will provide a short interactive summary of their training activities that will be given by Dr. Jessica Holierhoek, who has over 20 years of experience in this field of expertise.


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JEHO BV Company

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خلاصه کارگاه:

Wind Turbine Aeroelasticity


Wind turbine aeroelasticity is a complex scientific field and is much more than what is addressed when performing load set calculations. Simulation tools are based on wind turbine aeroelasticity, but this field also studies the damping of the different modes on a wind turbine and if they can become negatively damped and under which circumstances. Or if there are any possible resonance issues on the turbine. This is still not addressed enough during the design process of wind turbines, but for the current size turbines has in fact become of vital importance. During this workshop you will get acquainted with some of the aspects of the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity, focusing on knowledge related to instabilities and resonances.


During this workshop you will get acquainted with some of the aspects of the field of wind turbine aeroelasticity, focusing on knowledge related to instabilities and resonances.


Main topics are:


When and why are there different frequencies measured for the 3-bladed rotor modes in rotating frame (e.g. blade root) than in stand still frame (e.g. tower)?

A wind turbine exhibits some whirling modes. These modes will have a frequency in the blade that is different from that in the tower. Why this is will be addressed and which modes will become whirling modes will be explained.


What happens with the modes on a 2-bladed turbine?

On a two-bladed wind turbine, there will be a similar issue as the whirling modes, but there is a significant difference… this will be explained.


What is an instability and what is a resonance issue?

To prevent extensive vibrations on a wind turbine, it is necessary to ensure that there are no resonances AND no instabilities. These two issues are fundamentally different, therefore the difference between the two will be explained.


What are the excitation frequencies on a wind turbine?

All excitations on a wind turbine with a clear frequency are a function of the rotor speed. Why this is and how it results in excitations of the multiples of the rotor speed as well, will be discussed.


Example of an instability on a wind turbine.

What kind of instabilities do we currently know to be important and how can you best solve such an instability in your design or on your turbine.


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