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Conference side program
Dear all,
In order to get acquainted with Iranian traditional culture, the following tours have been arranged for participants at the 5th Iran Wind Energy Conference.
It is hoped that these tours can present the traditions of Iran and the 2000-year civilization of this ancient land.
Tours’ description:
1.Tehran tour (including visits to Golestan Palace, National Museum of Iran,Abgineh Museum of Tehran, National Garden, Tehran Grand Bazaar, ImamMosque)
•Date: 11 October, 2017•Time: 2 P.M.•Tour costs: 50 Euro per person.
2.One-day tour of Isfahan (including a roundtrip ticket, transfer from hotel to airportand return, visiting Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Shah Mosque and Khaju Bridge includinglunch in a traditional Iranian restaurant)
•Date: 12 October, 2017
•Time: 5 A.M.
•Tour costs: 195 Euro per person.
The above tours will be held if there are enough participants.
Registration deadline: 22 September, 2017
for registration in tours please click here
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